Eidolon, the Astral Double: The Myth of Being

The Keyhole in the door is the black Buddha of the void and this can be seen to be the unknown passage to another state.

The Window through which figures look out from behind the frame in the shape of a cross and we look in and through. But who is the mysterious spectator?

The Shell is a symbol of the spiral winding in and out that travels forever into and beyond infinity which has no end reaching beyond the spiral of the comet. Are these Tao ripples in a brook?

Mirrors, which are symbols in themselves, reflect other symbols and, as in a fairground hall of distorted mirrors, the reflections are imperfect, distorted and deformed. They do not display order and no one reflection can ever be the same as the images bounce backwards and forwards ever changing and constantly altering in time.

And all this constant transfiguration is the search for the ultimate Eidolon; our ultimate centre and where we meet at every point in the landscape of time and space.


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