Eidolon, the Astral Double: The Myth of Being

In Arlene Colombe-Hiquily's painting, Symbolic images are used to evoke in the viewer an unconscious almost psychic reaction. A constantly recurring image used throughout is of an object that has been cut in two perhaps suggesting the idea of two people who have parted. We see the concept of separation and as the two separate entities within the paintings are there on view there is, perhaps, a possible reunion.

Each of these separated figures is ambivalent showing both positive and negative reactions; a duality of feeling and experience. Arlene describes this as being a revelation of a divine experience; an emotional ordering of chaos and yet each of these symbols leads on to another symbol hidden in its own reflection.

Arlene prefers not to have each of the many symbols explained in detail but wants the symbols to enter silently into the subconscious mind. Despite that she offers a few clues.

The White figures are the couples of void. Their form is emptied of flesh and without hearing so they are not disturbed from their meditation on their interior lost garden world.

Clocks are always without their arrow-like and sharp pointed shafts that could stab the figures and crucify them in the wounds of time.

The Snake represents knowledge also seen as a temptation; to be equal to God. Jesus takes on the form of a snake.


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