Arlene Colombe Hiquily

Arlene’s art is unique. She has a distinct style developed over the decades. Much of her work is on cardboard enhanced with the occasional use of photos and wallpaper. Each painting is imbued with symbolism and speaks to the subconscious feelings and experiences of human beings.

In her early work, she began with empty white figures. She writes, “Their form is emptied of flesh and without ears so they are not disturbed from their meditation on their interior lost garden world”.

Later the shapes - male and female - begin to take on some features and. as they do, Arlene, influenced by the writings of Rudolf Steiner, the symbolic origins of man (Adam and Eve) and the life of Jesus, begins to explore human nature, the relationship between man and woman and how we subconsciously hold on to images of an ideal; how we struggle in a dual world that is both paradisiacal and infernal.

Arlene's art explores the human spirit and is colorful, intriguing, challenging and, above all, provocative.

The artwork ranges from 5 x 9 to 21 x 28 inches


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