The Smile on the Face of the Dragon
(poetry) published 1961
Last Rites for a Left Arm (poem) 1970
Fish for a Face in the House of a Thousand Mirrors (play) 1971
The City of Lot (poem) 1975
The Prodigal Lover (poetry) 1976
The Fleshless Palace (play) 1978
Orphans of the Mandrake (play) 1979
Collage (cover of The Stroker magazine) 1979
Lost Atlantis (poetry) 1981
Twilight Masquerade (collection of short stories) 1985
That Uncertain Shore (prose/poem) 1985
The Memoirs of the Frog Prince (novel) Marion Boyars 1989
The Absent Witness (short stories about the holocaust)
Martin Breese (Witness Publications) 1994
Revelations of a Hostage (prose poem) 1990 1998.
Part one 1990, part two 1991, part three 1992 and part four 1998

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